Wednesday, 23 May 2012

France is Rockabilly mad ..... DOCKABILLY'S TRIO

Have to say I've kinda missed decent live music since being in France and although I'm sure some decent acts get to the larger towns and cities, out here in the rural heart of things it's a case of make your own music or get to like ROCKABILLY!

I''ve absolutely no idea why rockabilly (think Stray Cats or if you're old enough Hank Williams) is so popular in France but the scene is vibrant and there's many very decent French acts rocking their merry way through the bars here. One of best and most entertaining I've seen are a 3 piece outfit called the Dockabillys - they play regularly at the Commerce bar in Montmorillon (Henri, the bar owner plays in a similar style band and is mates with many of these guys!) and as well as playing good, tight songs they do this amazing trick where the singer and guitarist balances himself on the double bass and continues to play and sing! Here's them doing just that last week (pic right)

Yeah, I know not the best of photographs but I'm not used to mobile phones!

The Dockabillys have a more than useful following over here and if you ever get a whiff of them playing near you I'd highly recommend. Here's their site -

And here's a good clip of some of their best tunes

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