Sunday, 3 November 2013

Autumn fungi at Askham Bog, planning trips, a Mali Harp and a bit of John Mayer to make up for my lack of birds!

Been keeping my head down and not been out much for the past couple of weeks ... busy planning and making preparations for a big road trip - I'm setting off on Nov 11th and driving the camper down to Spain. Coming back just before Xmas so its a proper tour and a well earned rest from all this bumming around on nature reserves in Yorkshire!

More info later this week on what I'm aiming to do and some opportunities for you guys to interact if you want.

I reckon a fair chunk of Winter migrants have arrived on my patch lately unseen by me, I even heard there were Waxwings again in the middle of York last week, but all I've had is a few Fieldfares over my house and an increase of Siskins, Goldcrests and Thrushes at Askham Bog.... so not many photo opps recently, but a stroll around said Bog last weekend and during a bit of 'down time' revealed some great fungi in the evening sun and along with some great looking Guelder Rose berries, a few turning Oak leaves and the odd Robin this makes a nice enough little Autumn gallery ....
Fungi, Askham Bog

Fungi2, Askham Bog
Guelder Rose berries

Fungi3, Askham Bog
Turning Oak leaves
Robin, Askham Bog

Fungi3, Askham Bog
Guelder Rose berries2, Askham Bog
John Mayer

No way can I come up with a link between Fungi and John Mayer, and he's certainly not in the Autumn of his years just yet, unlike Mr Jools Holland upon who's show 'Later' one of my favourite guitarists was performing the other night ... check this out if you can access the BBC Iplayer - Call me the Breeze - John Mayer

Mali Harp

The whole show is worth a watch  ....  highlights were Graham Parker & The Rumour reformed (wow, never saw that coming!), Lissie (another fave act of mine) and an amazing Mali Harp player called Ballaké Sissoko ...what an instrument!!

Here's the link for the whole show .........'Later' with Jools Holland


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douglas mcfarlane said...

Great images Tim. looking forward to hearing about your road trip, will that be in the Transit also make sure you have your Hi-Vis vest etc if you're going through France, the French police are really hot on it at the moment a friend came back the other week and was pulled over 12 times! Fined 8 times for not having a warning triangle and Hi-Vis vest!! At one service stop (where they were pulled over) there was 15 British vehicles being inspected and fined..reckon they were targetting Brits