Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Odds n Sods - picture postcard robins, tits in boxes and Melbourne floods

Popping down to the South coast for a few days with my mate Mark .... any chance of an early Sand Martin seems to have been banished with this cold snap but hey you never know and we're sure to see something down there. One probable destination will be Pagham Harbour but we'll only have 1 full days birding so we'll need to focus our minds as well as our binocs and lenses!!

Post to come in the next few days of course but meanwhile, still in catch up mode here's a few odds n sods I've been had hanging around that haven't quite 'fitted' into recent articles.

Here's a rather nice Kestrel along the Pocklington Canal cocking its head and looking for prey down on the ground below

I have a growing collection of Robin photographs from Askham Bog and not looked through them all yet these two seemed worthy of keeping ......

Same location and one day I accidentally left the top off my box of bird feed  ..... the result was a bit like wasps around your pub garden lunch on a late Summer day! Great, Blue, Marsh, Coal and Long Tailed Tit plus Robin and Blackbird all proceeded to tuck in until eventually capsizing the whole box. This was the Coal Tit's turn ....

When the floods were in full swing a month or so ago I thought I'd record the water levels down at Thornton Ings, nr Melbourne. Both of these views are looking West from Church Rd with the second taken later in the day and catching the late afternoon sunshine in the sedges.


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Pamela Smith said...

Lovely photos - I adore birds especially Robins and Seagulls and have had some success this week in the garden with the Robins - very special moments ;) Your sister sent me over btw! Will enjoy reading your blog...Pam from France http://pamelajaynephotography.blogspot.fr/