Monday, 16 April 2012

Free as bird, cuckoos n wags by the river

Still not convinced I'm getting the very best out of the new lens, 400mm just seems to be leaving me struggling for a bit more reach but given that most of the birds I shoot are 'on the hoof' and not from a hide I can't ever get very close. Still these aren't bad. A nice soaring Buzzard is one of the best I have taken of this ubiquitous raptor. Could have cropped this more but I kinda like the sense of space beneath the bird.

Stalked a Cuckoo the other day and got within 100m before this one spotted me and flew off.
Been trying to photograph cuckoos for ages and thought my best chance was one on flight so this perched and calling male bird was a bit of a bonus, even though I never got close enough for it to fill the frame.

And (before a certain somebody tells me that you should never begin a sentence with 'and') .... here's a bird you might see quite often flying around your garden or local park but rarely caught on film flying so feel rather smug about this shot of a White Wagtail (the European sub species of the Pied Wagtail).

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