Sunday, 19 February 2012

Breton Horses

Have to say that I'm never been a huge fan of horses and less so since one stamped on my now departed Jack Russell dog (Rest in Peace, Benny boy). Very probably I'm being totally unfair to one of man's greatest allies in the animal world; donkeys aside, they are without doubt very graceful and intelligent creatures. They have loomed large in many of our endeavours, from the Greek myths to the dubious conquering of the Wild West. They have graced the the silver screen, theatre and pantomime like no other animal before them and without 'Horse' we'd be bereft of such treasures as the Grand National, Royal Ascot, the Kentucky Derby, Trooping of the Guard, Betting Shops, Horse of the Year show, Princess Anne and Gypsies (ah ... not all bad then!)

Anyway, I digress .... (equinely of horse!), and whilst on the subject I will be posting the best horse song I can find very soon ... oops digressing even more! Ok on to main subject .... I was strolling around finding a few new walks and found myself around the the village of Lathus. Quite nice, usual fields and rolling countryside ( not many birds) ... when I came across these gorgeous and very inquisitive Breton Horses. Took lots of pics and here are the best along with  a single, rather sad looking Shetland Pony that was sharing the same field.

Now then, all of these horses (there were 4 in all, including the Shetland) would insist on getting right up close to me and nudging me, probably thinking I had food .... but that's just it, my 'bete noir' about horses. Friendly and useful they may be but they have huge heads and hooves that pack a punch and I don't like that sort of thing getting too close and bearing down on me!

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Stephen said...

Nicely written, Tim. Made me snigger and laugh.