Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Minor frustrations and missed opportunities!

What a frustrating couple of days I've just had, on a couple of fronts. Now don't get me wrong, I can't complain ... don't have to get up too early in the morning and can go to bed whenever I like, I don't have to go to work every morning and I'm getting married to wonderful woman in the Autumn - so life is good! Maybe that's why minor irritations assume far greater importance than they should but added to the damp, grey and generally depressing weather here minor frustrations I do not need.

First off I discover that this LPG adaptor I ordered off the net doesn't fit my car.

Think I need this one, which I've now ordered!

Petrol is so expensive at the moment and I was hoping using LPG on my duel fuel vehicle would make a trip to the coast far more feasible - not to be, for now anyway.

Then I was out birding yesterday nr Pleasance and found this pretty good lake with plenty of birds on it, the light was good (for a change) and thought 'at last, an opportunity to take some good pics' ... only to be turfed off by this irate Frenchman in a tractor who communicated to be in no uncertain terms that photography was not allowed! No idea why, my command of the language doesn't extend to the vagaries of property and land laws here, but sure it wasn't private land! Then Balloo rolled in fox shit (no pic) ...... then, later to mixed feelings of delight and frustration, I spotted a superb male Peregrine Falcon stood in the middle of a field next to some flood water, got the camera out but couldn't get a shot through the hedge. Knew it would take off if I stuck my head up and sure enough it did .... great bird, my favourite bird of prey, but what a photo that would have made!

So, as with the Wild Boar experience I'm left with great memories but no photographs and having to post what might have been! Neither of these pics are mine of course but the one of the falcon standing is similar to the bird and pose I was looking at. Damn shame! I've added another pic of one of these superb hunters in flight just because it was a great photograph!

On the plus side I'm enjoying posting some of the songs I cover on here and there will be another couple very soon, if not today and I go back to the UK next week to cover some of my OU responsibilities so I'll be able to see my fiancee Gabrielle, my family and maybe catch up with a few friends.

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