Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Going South after Xmas!

Whilst out walking the mad running hound Balloo the other day the thought occurred to me that the Winter in Spain or Portugal might be interesting, so I'm going to plan a trip after Christmas. It is afterall what I retired for - to travel about, get off the beaten track and just enjoy being somewhere I've never been before ... be warmer down there too!

So, its finally time to acquire one of these -

Because I'm NOT going to sleep in one of these anywhere in January!
Except maybe Australia!

I hope both the birding and photography opportunities will be excellent and of course I'll take my guitar hopefully do a bit of busking along the way to help with the cost of diesel!

Looking at setting off the last week in January and taking up to a month. First destunation may well be the region of Arragon & have in mind a semi montainous spot called Los Mallos de Riglos (marked on the map , right) and a couple of pics of the area below.
Apparently, Wallcreepers come down from the mountains and winter in abundance around here - it's a bird I've never seen and would kill to get just one good photograph!

This would do nicely!

Anyway, I dream on!

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